species and individual identification of felids and brown bears

The genetic part of the project is a continuation of the TigrisID project (a security research project of the Ministry of Interior – Applied Research on Genetics of Selected CITES Protected Species), which focused on tiger DNA analysis (species determination in destroyed materials, individual identification, reference database of profiles). The ForWild project expands the range of tested species to include other felids (lynx, lion, leopard) and brown bear.

The team is working on the design, testing and validation of RT-PCR quantification kits that will be specific to the species of interest, able to detect the presence of inhibitors in the DNA isolate and determine the concentration of nuclear and mitochondrial DNA. The next step is the multiplex amplification of polymorphic STR loci and the development of species-specific analysis kits that can be used to determine the DNA profile of a specific individual.

A database of DNA profiles and population studies of unrelated individuals should be established for each species. The team is trying to follow the International Society for Forensic Genetics (ISFG) recommendations for animal DNA analysis (published 2010). Based on real-world experience, a modification of these recommendations has been proposed.

A specific part of the research, in which several teams are involved, is the investigation of the influence of the skin processing and preparation process (effects of fixing agents, especially chromium) on DNA analysis (DNA degradation), isotopic composition, radionuclide activity and morphological changes.

Contact person: RNDr. Daniel Vaněk, Ph.D.,